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ICLCS Showcase

ICLCS, funded in 2006, is an Institute project focused on Science for High School grade levels. Here is some featured work.



Teachers discuss the Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science
In this 6-minute video, teachers discuss their experiences in the ICLCS and its relevance to teaching in rural Illinois schools. They address the context of rural schools, use of computational…   more >

ICLCS presents at STEM Smart

Director of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Principal Investigator Thom Dunning, Jr., co-Principal Investigators, Edee Norman Wiziecki...   more >

Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science: Measuring teacher effectiveness in using computational tools and student-centered methods in high school chemistry.

The Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS) provides and evaluates the effectiveness of professional development in computational chemistry...   more >

Papers and Reports
Facilitating Changes in Teaching Practice Through Science Teachers' Vicarious Experiences in a Professional Learning Environment

Researchers examine the relationship between changes in teaching practice and the number of vicarious experiences gained by reading peer accounts...   more >

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